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Industry News

Definition, use and classification of the modulator

modulator adjacent channel modulator referred, also often referred to as the RF modulator or TV modulator, is one of the front-end TV room equipment.

its function is to signal source (a digital TV set-top boxes, digital satellite TV receiver, DVD player, computer, camera, TV demodulator, etc. AV signal source) provided by the video signal (VIDEO) and audio (AUDIO) modulated into a stable high-frequency RF oscillation signal, the video for AM modulation, audio for FM modulation mode.

modulator can be divided into the digital modulator and analog modulator; adjacent channel modulator, separated frequency modulator; single modulator, 4 channel modulator, multi-channel modulators. From a technical point, the single-channel modulator indicators than the 4-way modulator, modulator index than 4-way multi-channel modulators, adjacent channel modulator indicators than every other frequency modulator. 

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