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Industry News

That Apple released a new television set-top boxes on March 8

Beijing early morning of February 29, according to U.S. technology blog 9to5Mac reported in the U.S. Pacific Time 10:00 on the morning of March 7, 2:00 am (Beijing time March 8) of the conference, Apple will not only releasethe iPad 3 will also release the new Apple TV set-top box (Apple TV).

Reported that both devices will have Bluetooth the Smart function, can be connected to each other, the integration of high-definition experience for the user to create.

Best Buy, a source said: "a customer had asked the question about the Apple TV set-top box, but now we have no inventory. Not only the inventory sold out, and I can not from our ordering system to order an Apple TV set-top box, this product is registered as ’currently unavailable’. from past experience, this usually means that a product will stop production. "

Reported that the new Apple TV set-top box will have the latest version of Bluetooth, the Bluetooth Smart (4.0). Prior to Apple for the iPhone 4S phone equipped with Bluetooth the Smart function, and added this feature in the latest MacBook Air notebook and Mac Mini computer. In addition, Apple may be motion-sensitive control and Siri voice control functions integrated into the Apple TV set-top box.

Apple has to issue an invitation earlier in the day, invited to attend a special media event held in San Francisco is scheduled for March 7, the incident is expected to be announced the launch of the iPad 3

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