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Industry News

Growth of IPTV over cable and satellite TV

U.S. consulting firm MRG in a new report predicts that once the regulatory barriers to a breakthrough, the global management of IPTV services will rapidly increase the number of users from 53 million in 2011 to grow to 105 million in 2015. Global IPTV service revenues from $ 21.8 billion in 2011 to grow to $ 45.3 billion in 2015, a CAGR of 20%. Expected in Europe and North America will account for the lion’s share of global income.

MRG IPTV analyst Jose Alvear think the last few quarters, IPTV operators, the number of users growing faster than competitors, cable and satellite TV providers. IPTV operators through an active strategy to expand its business scope, such as increased high-definition channels, to carry out multi-screen business, such as OTT mixed business. Jose Alvear pointed out that, although some regions and countries IPTV subscriber growth is in good shape, but some countries such as Latin America, Southeast Asia and other regions still have not started to provide IPTV services Therefore, once the control problems to solve, IPTV will rapid growth. The report pointed out, there are about 930 service providers have been carried out commercial IPTV service or test.

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